Lenzing Group commits to Sustainability Targets

The Lenzing Group set to take active steps towards its commitment to sustainability. The group is doing so by implementing a further substantial reduction of specific emissions by 2022. Lenzing Group is also creating a specially designed eco-investment program to advance its goal.

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Italian Fashion Designers embrace Sustainability Measures

Italian Fashion Chamber a non-profit organization, is making efforts towards intensifying activities to create clear criteria on how the fashion industry can become more environmentally sustainable. The Italian government recently published a strategic paper aimed at promoting the adoption of a circular business model amongst its manufacturers and retailers.

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Mechanical Contractor set to expand Sustainability Portfolio

Seattle-based contractor has implemented sustainability practices for years, honing in its design-build, operations and maintenance capabilities and consolidating them under one roof to create an integrated delivery model. The goal is for its clients to maximize their energy savings and systems performance throughout the life cycle of a building.

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Recent Study shows Production Of Soybean without Nitrogen Fertilizers

To produce soybean, plants need a lot of nitrogen. The plants pull nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it to a form the plants can use. However farmers are still required to apply nitrogen fertilizer.

A new study recently shows the possibility of increasing the number of soybean root nodules to increase crop yields. This could eliminate the need for additional nitrogen fertilizers.

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#WorldWaterDay2018: #BlueEconomy to Reach $3 trillion by 2030

A recent major report by the UK Government office, a number of key areas where the oceans can provide opportunities, […]


Northern Michigan University students organize Clothes Swap to encourage Sustainability Northern Michigan University student’s created a group called EcoReps whose […]

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