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Inequality in Nigeria: Exploring the Drivers


May, 2017

The cover of this report says it all.

Nigeria is seen as Africa’s largest economy and one of the fastest-growing in the world. Yet, more than half of the Nigerian population still grapple with extreme poverty, while a small elite enjoys ever-growing wealth.

The disparity is such that the amount of money that the richest Nigerian man can earn annually from his wealth is sufficient to lift 2 million people out of poverty for one year. This report provides a picture of the current state of poverty and economic inequality in Nigeria, identifies the main drivers of this situation and presents some policy solutions.

5 million people face hunger, more than 112 million people are living in poverty, the country’s richest man would have to spend $1 million a day for 42 years to exhaust his fortune, annual earnings from richest man’s wealth can lift 2 million people out of poverty for one year, women represent between 60 and 79 percent of Nigeria’s rural labor force but are five times less likely to own their own land than men, and over three-quarters of the poorest women in Nigeria have never been to school whilst 94% of them are illiterate, are some of the major deductions from the 56-page report.

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Better Business Better World

Business and Sustainable Development Commission

January, 2017

In a troubled world struggling with poverty, conflicts, inequality, and natural/climatic disasters, to mention a few, this report offers business leaders strategies that can transform markets and at the same time improve the lives of the people. It analyses the impact businesses can make in the world when they work in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Therefore, it provides a business case for the global goals.

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