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Projecting Progress: The SDGs in Sub-Saharan Africa (Regional Scorecard)

Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

April 2016

Is it really possible to deliver the SDG Agenda by 2030?

While there is global agreement on achieving the 17 laudable Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations within 15 years, the likelihood of achieving these goals by the projected 2030 varies across regions and countries. This paper presents detailed analysis of how Sub-Saharan Africa is likely to progress if current trends continue. With the use of data from the days of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the study of current trends, the publisher details current situation, issues to be addressed and those to be reversed, to achieve the goals in the region.


Annual Sustainability Report for the Year Ended December 31, 2016

MTN Group Limited

Do you have an MTN line?

MTN is arguably Africa’s biggest mobile network operator. With operations in over 20 African countries, MTN’s stakeholders are present in almost every African region.

In this report, marking the 7th year of its integrated sustainability reporting, the operator disclosed the environmental, social, and socio-economic highlights for 2016 year of operation. Highlights include the use of 340 renewable energy sites to power its network operations. An implementation of over 10 000 energy efficiency solutions across operations and 537 tonnes of recycled electronic and electrical waste (e-waste). Moreover, it saved over 15 000 of paper, over 117 kℓ of paper and recycled more than 1 808kg of general office waste.



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