Title: Return on Sustainability

Author: Kevin Wilhelm

Date of Publication: 2009

Return on Sustainability is a call to action for companies to turn climate risks into business opportunities and advance the market. Kevin addresses the business community in their language: with best practices and case studies from over 50 companies that have increased profit, increased brand value, risk reduction and improved stakeholder relations.

Seeing Climate change as a challenge today, Wilhelm takes the reader on a revolutionary process that demonstrates to businesses the qualitative and quantitative benefits of taking action today.

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Title: Regreening the Built Environment

Author: Michael Richards

Date of Publication: 2017

In the past, infrastructure and green or park spaces have been regarded as two opposing factors and placed in conflict with one another through irresponsible patterns of development. 

Regreening the Built Environment examines the relationship between the built environment and nature and demonstrates how rethinking the role and design of infrastructure can environmentally, economically, and socially sustain the earth.

The strategies presented in this book aim to stimulate discussions within the design profession and will be of great interest to students and practitioners of environmental studies, architecture, and urban design.

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