Greening through IT

Bill Tomlinson


Environmental issues often span long periods of time, far-flung areas, and labyrinthine layers of complexity. One of the key issues that IT faces is the issue of power consumption and the resultant Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. In Greening through IT, Bill Tomlinson investigates how the tools and techniques of information technology (IT) can help us tackle environmental problems at such vast scales.

Tomlinson describes theoretical, technological, and social aspects of a growing interdisciplinary approach to sustainability, “Green IT,” offering both a human-centered framework for understanding Green IT systems and specific examples and case studies of Green IT in action.

Taken together, these examples illustrate the significant environmental benefits that innovations in information technology can enable.

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Leadership for Sustainable Innovation

ThistlePraxis Consulting


In many situations, the improvements of the sustainable performance that is environmental friendliness, of an organisation means that the organisation needs to innovate. A manager who wants to guide and steer the sustainable innovation processes has to be, or become, an innovation manager with substantial leadership competence (cf. Jung et al. 2003; Krause 2004; Llorens Montes et al. 2005), and a broad repertoire of leadership skills (cf. Chakrabarti 1974; Roberts and Fusfeld 1981; Kim et al. 1999; Hauschildt and Kirchmann 2001).

However, much of the discussion focuses on the influences of leadership on innovation processes, and the body of literature on a leader’s influence on sustainable innovation processes is not yet well developed. To contribute to the development of a body of knowledge in this area, this article investigates the characteristics and effects of leadership on sustainable innovation processes.

This journal, the 8th edition of CSR Files™, a registered trademark of ThistlePraxis Consulting,

explores how the continent can develop itself, grow her economies and support the rest of the world.

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