3 Things Companies Should do about Climatic Change In Africa

It’s a great time for companies to discover how they can step up their response to unfavorable climate. Some places that are not normally known for oppressive heat have reported that the temperature has become very high.  Also California just experienced the largest wildfire in its history, dry weather.

No single weather event can attribute directly to climate change. Obviously these are signs that our climate is changing. Companies needs to act fast before the unfavorable condition of the climate hits them, by then it might get unbearable for them to handle which could affect whatever product they are into.

Here are 3 things companies should do about it:

  1. Transparency:

Every companies measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. A lot of companies already disclosed their greenhouse gas but it requires more disclosure because of the level at which the climate is going, including some companies with strong reputation in sustainability need to be transparent. If companies with strong reputation do not report those feeble companies will do the same. Being apparent provides climate advocate with crucial frame of reference for improvements needs to be made. Although the process of emission measurement and disclosure might consume a whole lot of time but it Is important to do so for every climate conscious companies. If this means a lot to you, you have every right to ask the society to support your companies.


  1. Commit to target-based Science

Companies have committed to setting greenhouse gas emission targets in line with the global goal to keep warming to below 2 degrees C which is known as ‘’science- based targets’’. More companies are expected to go into science based target as its setting inches towards expected practice.

More so, early movers are exploring a broader approach to the science based sustainability targets, applying such concept additional resource such as water and land.


  1. Leverage on your brand

Companies have to speak out both publicly and privately in favor of the climate action which can feed momentum behind systematic change and contribute to a culture that values the environment. Companies can also leverage their brands in private conversation with policymakers, investors, suppliers, customers and employees.

Now is the moment for all companies to sit up and carry out every necessary step needed for the climate not to affect whatever they deal with or in.


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