Nestle To Step Up Stakeholder Engagement Towards Building Sustainability: The recent refurbishment of two primary schools by Nestle Nigeria in its Ogun operational base   is only part of a larger strategy to build an ecosystem around its businesses Read more

European Union Trust Fund To Promote Fish Farming In Northeastern Nigeria: The crisis in the region has resulted in decreased access to fishing grounds for fisher folk due to military activities and volatility in the communities bordering the lake Read more

Shell’s Yearly Payment To Nigerian Govt Hits $6.39bn: Royal Dutch Shell has said its subsidiaries in Nigeria paid $6.397bn to the Nigerian government and its agencies last year, compared to $4.322bn in 2017 and $3.638bn in 2016 Read more

Expert Wants Govt To Invest In Waste Management: An Environmental expert, Abimbola Solanke, has called on the three tiers of government to put in place sustainable solid waste management by investing in sustainable disposal infrastructure and improving waste collection system Read more

Designing your social investments (II): Trends and market activities

“More than $23 trillion assets globally are subject to a non-traditional environmental, social, and governance impact screen, including over 25% […]

Sustainable Development Agenda: Can Nigeria meet up?

Nigeria is challenged on multiple fronts on its path to sustainable development. But, despite those challenges, it is possible for […]

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