60% of N220bn SMEs fund allocated to women under the CBN Intervention Funds

At the International Women’s Day workshop tagged, “Women Inspiring Change” held in Abuja yesterday, the Director, Development Finance Department, CBN, Dr Mudashiru Olaitan emphasized on the bank’s commitment to improve women’s access to financial services especially loans under the various intervention programmes.

He also noted that 60 per cent of what has been disbursed under the N220 billion Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund (MSMEDF), was allocated to women-based businesses. The Central Bank noted that it was a deliberate decision taken to increase women’s access to credit.

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Local Entrepreneur from Northern Nigeria empowers Women with Solar Energy

In Rural areas, women face the largest burden of not having access to modern energy. Women walk long distances to collect firewood, only to return home to ingest harmful air pollution from kerosene and wood fires as they cook,

Habiba Ali, a local entrepreneur, generated a new solar energy initiative that provides her community with a sustainable and affordable source of energy. She has also devised a means of empowering other women with access to income-generation activities.

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Some companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange default in CSR spending

The Companies Act of 2013 laid out guidelines that required businesses to spend 2 per cent of their three-year average profits to help society in causes that range from healthcare and education to poverty, the environment and rural development.

At least one-third of firms on the S&P BSE 100 list is said to have fallen short of the required corporate social responsibility (CSR) spending as mandated by the Companies Act.

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Flying taxis set to set up in Nairobi

Air taxis services is said to be safer, efficient and less noisy. The flying taxis is working towards setting up infrastructure in 23 cities in 13 countries, Nairobi is one of those cities.

Apart from production of flying taxis, a second part which involves building local communities called McFly Chapters, aiming at community engagement, getting industry experts to share research discoveries and for entrepreneurs to establish connections with local manufacturers and even with government bodies for registration

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