Revolutionise African farming methods to overcome climate change, says UN

In a recent conference in Kenya, Representatives from both the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and UN Environment highlighted the need for a paradigm shift on intensive crop production because the current methods applied cannot meet the challenges of the new millennium. The conference highlighted the need to change African farming techniques to address food security concerns in the region. Representatives of the UN Environment urged governments to invest in fertile land, pest upsurges, pollution and sustainable intensification, as there is an urgent need to integrate sustainable mechanization in collaboration with the private sector to enhance productivity and profitability. Read more

Federal Government Organizes 8th Regional Training Workshop

In the recently conducted 8th Regional Training Workshop on the ‘Effects of Climate Change on Water Resources Management organized by the Federal Government, strategies were proffered to curb the effect of Climate Change on Water management in Nigeria.
The training brought together experts and stakeholders in the sector to brainstorm on effective and efficient strategies for the management of the nation’s Water Resources as it has grave effects Read More

Herdsmen attacks as well as climate change may threaten Nigeria’s food security – CEO Emperor Farms

In a recent interview with the CEO of Emperor Farms, he noted that the problems of farmers had also been compounded by issues relating to climate change, stressing that the development called for government’s immediate attention. The crop farmer advices Nigerian farmers to embrace year-round irrigation farming to stay in business and provide food for the teeming populace. Read More

Nigeria ranks low in 2018 Environmental Performance Index

Environmental Performance Index (EPI) compares, analyzes and understands environmental performance for countries around the world. Nigeria ranks 100 among 180 countries in the 2018. The EPI finds that the air quality in Nigeria is the leading environmental threat to public health. Read More


Commonwealth nations reaffirms its commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement Commonwealth leaders express grave concern about climate change impacts and […]


Heavy rain and flooding results in large scale destruction and displacement in Kenya. A recent flooding hit Dadaab, which is […]

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