Heavy rain and flooding results in large scale destruction and displacement in Kenya.

A recent flooding hit Dadaab, which is one of the world’s largest refugee camps home to over 235,000 people. Estimates suggest that at least 750 homes have been swept away in the flooding and 4,500 people displaced. Many of the refugees fled their camps and sheltered in nearby schools. The flooding follows a severe period of drought in Kenya which severely damaged livelihoods, agriculture and livestock across the Horn of Africa, causing food insecurity for 3.4 million.  Read More

Africa leads the way for sustainable insurance, says Population Services International

According to recent report by Population Services International, a nonprofit global health organization with malaria, child survival, HIV, and reproductive health as its core targets, Africa is said to be leading the way for sustainability-focused insurance as it is facing the most immediate challenges especially in agriculture.  Read More

Access to Energy in Africa: The Mini-Grids Agenda

According to the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, Improving energy access across Africa is a necessary step towards achieving inclusive economic transformation and sustainable development. Accelerated economic development resulting in higher disposable incomes is a prerequisite for eradicating poverty in Africa. Read More

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization provides training to Libyan officials to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) recently concluded a 10-day training programme to officers of Libyan Ministry of Agriculture, Animal and Marine Wealth. The aim of the programmes is to strengthen national capacities in Libya’s agricultural sector. The training programme also provided the participants with a hands-on experience in using FAO tools for data collection so as to enable them perform their duties effectively. Read More



Revolutionise African farming methods to overcome climate change, says UN In a recent conference in Kenya, Representatives from both the […]


World Bank set to support African Countries in adopting more Green Buildings Buildings are a significant contributor of greenhouse gas […]

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