‘Power Market Regulation in Nigeria is still Poor’ says AfDB

The African Development Bank in a recent Electricity Regulatory Index for Africa report, has noted that fifteen (15) African countries have yet to gain adequate regulatory independence even after about two decades of electricity market regulation in those countries. Of these 15 countries, Nigeria is among them. Read more

CSDevNet calls for urgent climate change action in Nigeria

Climate Sustainable Development Network (CSDevNet), a network of NGO’s that promote pro-poor, climate-friendly and equity-based responses to climate change and sustainable development in Nigeria, has called for urgent climate change action in Nigeria. Read more

Twenty-three countries sign climate action pledge

Twenty-three countries converge together to sign ‘Declaration of Ambition’ pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and effects of climate change by 2020. The group of countries includes Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Marshall Island. Read more

Six International Multilateral Development Banks commit $35.2 billion dollars to climate financing

Six of the largest development banks have committed a total of 35.2 billion dollars to fund projects that will contribute positively to the climate and reduce greenhouse emissions which reflects an increased commitment to environmental sustainability. Read more


Northern Africa out performs other regions in achieving SDGs According to a new Report by the African Union, Northern African […]


Access Bank Wins Karlsruhe Sustainable Awards Access Bank receives the Karlsruhe award for “Outstanding Business Sustainability Achievement” in recognition of […]

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