Sustainability plays key role in Africa Sourcing and Fashion Week

The fourth edition of the Africa Sourcing and Fashion week is set to take place in October in Addis Ababa with over 250 International manufacturers and exporters present. There are  two themes for the event; Sustainability in Production and Transformation in Technology. Read more

APC politicians decamp to other political parties

On Tuesday, over 17 Senators from the All Progressives Congress political party decamped   to the Peoples Democratic Party and the African Democratic Congress during the plenary. Also no fewer than 37 members of the House of Representatives dumped the All Progressives Congress for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Read more

Domestic Violence victims granted ten days of extra leave in New Zealand

Wednesday, the 25th of July 2018, the New Zealand’s parliament passed a legislation granting 10 days of extra paid leave to domestic violence victims. The aim of this decision was to stop the violence and ensure victims get help without worrying about losing their jobs. Read more

European Union threatens America with $20 billion tit-for-tat tariffs 

The European Union has threatened a place tariffs on certain American goods totaling around $20 billion following a decision to impose new tolls on European cars. Read more


#News: Nigeria sings MoU with Niger Republic to build refinery

On the 23rd of July, Nigeria and the Republic of Niger signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), for the construction […]

#News: Burkina Faso set to build largest Solar plant in Sahel region

On Thursday the 26th of July, the government of Burkina Faso launched the construction of a 33 megawatts (MW) solar […]

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