How going green benefits small businesses

Has your business taken any measures to operate more sustainably? Or are you  planning   on putting a sustainable strategy in place? Aside from the corporate social responsibility     angle, businesses in the UK are experiencing tangible commercial benefits after investing   in green technology. Recent research by Barclays revealed that 75% of UK businesses         enjoy commercial benefits after going green. This applies to both large corporates and       small businesses.

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Austin, Texas, Now Requires Restaurants To Responsibly Dispose Of Food Waste

The Texas City of Austin implemented a new ordinance this week preventing restaurants from disposing of food waste in landfills. Restaurants may donate unconsumed food, send scraps to farms or compost it under the law that took effect Oct. 1. The measure also stipulates that employees receive training about handling the waste.

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New global agreement results in fishing ban in the Arctic Ocean.

A new landmark global agreement has resulted in a fishing ban in the Arctic Ocean. Yesterday, the European Union, Canada, the People’s Republic of China, Denmark, Iceland, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Norway, the Russian Federation and the United States agreed to the deal. Collectively, they make up 75 per cent of global GDP.

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Britvic moves to 100% renewable electricity in its British business

Britvic now powers all of its British operations from 100% renewable electricity, the UK-based beverage maker has announced, after securing a four-year deal with energy provider E.ON. The company said the switch will save over 17,000 tonnes of CO2e per year – the equivalent to “taking more than 3,300 cars off the road for a year”.

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ANU Scientists develop bendable biodegradable smart phones

Thanks to Australian National University (ANU) scientists, smartphones can now be biodegradable. A new invention which has been developed by […]

Tesco dumps ‘best before’ tags on fruits and veggies.

  British multinational groceries and merchandise retailer, Tesco has announced their plans to remove the “best before” dates on 116 […]

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