An Oil Spill You’ve Never Heard of Could be one of the Biggest Environmental Disasters in the United States

In 2010, the Deep-water Horizon oil tragedy caught the attention of the U.S for months. 11 lives were lost and the communities around the Gulf of Mexico stopped under hundreds of millions of liters of oil. However, lurking beneath the new disaster, an older spill continued to spit continuously: a leak that began when another oil rig was damaged six years earlier.

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Tying ourselves to trees won’t solve climate change

Environmentalists and scientists have done a great job in educating people that climate change is real, and of its catastrophic consequences. But the idea that these groups alone are going to solve the problem is completely fantastical because the root cause of climate change is a broken economic model.

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Dyson set to open electric car factory in Singapore

Dyson has decided to manufacture its new electric cars in Singapore, ending hopes for a site in Britain. The firm confirmed to staff on Tuesday that the company’s board has ratified the decision to construct its first “advanced automotive manufacturing” facility in the Asian country. The factory is scheduled for completion in 2020 and is part of a £2.5 billion global investment drive in new technology.

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Penalties for cutting trees illegally should reflect public’s intense interest

Few things so consistently provoke public opposition as cutting down trees that they enjoy. The latest instance is a small one but unfortunately not unique. David S. Dempsey, a Pennsylvanian who has a second home in Avalon, cut down some trees growing on a dune between his house and the ocean. He pleaded guilty to damaging borough property.

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Microplastics being ingested by humans

Are we ingesting plastics? With an average of eight million tons of plastic waste ending up in the world’s oceans […]

Uber’s new fares to encourage drivers switch to electric vehicles

Multinational Transport Company will be adding a clean air fee. Starting early next year, Uber will be placing a surcharge […]

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