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World’s largest coal company to retire 37 mines in India: The largest coal mining company in the world, Coal India, has announced plans to decommission a total of 37 mines which are no longer economically viable in India. Read more

Vatican deploys $500,000 for ‘Pope for South Sudan’ initiative: In line with Pope Francis’ commitment to sustainable development in the African continent and his long-standing advocacy for migrants, the Vatican presented June 21 its plan for aid in South Sudan, which has become the world’s fastest-growing displacement crisis due to famine and civil war. Read more

Development programme empowers small-scale farmers with agricultural knowledge: The Farmer Development Programme (FDP) aims to provide all farmers in rural South Africa with agricultural knowledge regarding good planting practices, sustainable farming, business plans, planting techniques and the use biotechnology to achieve top yield. Read more

SA, Rwanda to enhance environmental protection: South Africa and Rwanda share a common concern and responsibility to enhance cooperation in the fields of environmental protection and sustainable development for present and future generations, says Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa. Read more

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