European Parliament Votes to Phase Out Palm Oil-Based Biofuels by 2020: To address the problem of unsustainable palm oil production, the European Parliament has approved a resolution to introduce a single certification scheme for palm oil entering the European Union and phase out the use of vegetable oils that drive deforestation by 2020. Read more

Botswana nudges up in tourism rankings: According to the recently released Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report for 2017, Botswana continues to improve in both the ranking and quality score with the country ranked 85th out of 136 countries compared to 88th out of 141 countries in 2016.

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Report claims city could lose 31% of its beach: Last month the United State Geological Survey (USGS) released a new report showing the possibility of 31 to 67 percent of Southern California beaches becoming completely eroded due to rising sea level and climate change. Read more

This hydrogen-powered train emits only water: Imagine a nearly silent train that glides along its tracks emitting nothing more toxic than water.

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First Bank Nigeria Hosts FirstAgricExpo2017

On the 14th of March 2017, premier financial house, First Bank Nigeria Plc, hosted the First Agriculture Exhibition solely sponsored […]

Volkswagen Plans to Launch Its First Electric Car

Europe’s biggest automaker, Volkswagen (VW), plans to launch its first pure-electric car in China next year. This is resolution came […]

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