Nigeria: Govt Renews War Against Illegal Mining: The government has resolved to tackle illegal mining across the country with measures that would discourage the operations based on policies drafted to safeguard the sector. Read more

Mozilla-backed research reveals main barriers to internet access in African countries: Compelling Mozilla-backed research (www.Mozilla.org), carried out by Research ICT Africa, finds that significant barriers to internet access remains in four African countries – Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. The research aims to understand, from a comparative perspective, how the citizens use the internet when data is subsidised and when it is not. Read more

A Better, Safer Battery Could Be Coming to a Laptop Near You: A start-up company is trying to turbocharge a type of battery that has been a mainstay for simple devices like flashlights and toys, but until now has been ignored as an energy source for computers and electric cars. Read more

Nigeria: No Identity Number, No Passport From 2018 – NIS Boss: The Federal Government has said that anybody that does not have identification number from the National Identification Management Commission, NIMC, from 1st January 2018 would not be issued the Nigerian passport. Read more


  Thailand Promotes Partnerships for a Sustainable World: By sharing its Sufficiency Economy Philosophy as a model, Thailand is helping […]

Africa’s Top Innovators Awarded the Innovation Prize for Africa

Organized by the African Innovation Foundation (AIF),  the sixth edition of the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) were awarded to […]

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