Hurricane Irma: Strongest ever Atlantic storm makes landfall in Caribbean: The most powerful Atlantic Ocean hurricane in recorded history has made landfall in the Caribbean islands, as British tourists are evacuated from the region amid warnings the storm will be “potentially catastrophic”. Read more

Africa’s economic giants, Nigeria & South Africa, exit recession: Africa’s two biggest economies – Nigeria and South Africa – on Tuesday came out of recession according to statistical figures released by the respective government agencies. Read  more

ISCOs inability to transmit 6500mw threatens FG 2020 targets: With the increased demand for electricity fueled by population growth and rising urbanisation in the country, stakeholders in the power sector have said that the Distribution Companies, DISCOs, lack the capacity to wheel 6500 megawatts (mw) of electricity transmitted to them.  Read more

Researchers at Facebook AI lab develop a ‘human-like’ bot trained after watching Skype conversations: Researchers at Facebook’s AI lab have developed a ‘human-like’ bot which is controlled by an artificially intelligent algorithm trained after it watched hundreds of videos of Skype conversations. Read more


France introduces its first hydrogen bus route: A consortium between ENGIE’s subsidiary GNVERT and Belgium-based bus manufacturer Van-Hool announced the […]

UN Allocates $21M to Meet Urgent Needs in Newly-Accessible Areas across Sudan

The United Nations has allocated $21 million to provide life-saving food support, nutrition, water and sanitation, health and other assistance […]

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