Google wants Nigeria to simplify taxes

Google’s manager in the West African country described the need for Nigeria government to simplify taxes and reduce fees involved in laying fibre optic cables to promote development of infrastructure for technology industries

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Western China suffers earthquake leaving about 8 dead and 20 injured

A moderate earthquake that struck close to the earth’s surface killed eight people and injured more than 20 others in far western China on Thursday, the region’s earthquake administration said.

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New drugs take life expectancy of HIV patients “near normal”.

The study authors, from the University of Bristol, said the extraordinary success of HIV treatments was a result of newer drugs having fewer side effects and being better at preventing the virus from replicating in the body.

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Mexico begs Donald Trump to keep Nafta trade deal to avoid hurting US

Mexico made a pitch to President Donald Trump yesterday to uphold the Nafta trade deal, arguing that unwinding economic integration would hurt both nations, damaging US exports, risking American jobs and hitting consumers north of the border.

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