Rwanda set to benefit from new climate resilience funding

Rwanda has suffered severe flooding and landslides and it is expected to increase due to climate change, hence the need for a new climate change resilience project. This new climate change project is set to benefit 380,000 people. The Gicumbi District in the Northern Province of Rwanda will now benefit from a $32.8 million initiative funded by the Green Climate Fund, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment. Read more

 The United Nations Climate Change body releases its first Annual Report

The United Nations Climate Change body is instrumental in delivering the commitments of the Paris Agreement and Kyoto Protocol to reduce carbon emissions and prevent the rise in global temperatures. The UN’s official climate secretariat has launched its first annual report into its work in combatting climate change. The report covers what UN Climate Change sees as its key achievements over the past year. Read more

90% of the population breathes polluted air, says World Health Organization

According to the WHO, an estimated 90 percent of people are breathing air which falls below its guidelines for air quality. The organisation collected the average concentrations per year of fine particulate matter, such as black carbon, sulphate, and nitrates, which can cause serious health problems. According to the data retrieved, a dangerously high number of the world’s population is still breathing dirty air. Read more

South Africa falls behind on Renewable Energy project implementation

According to data from Greenbyte, a renewable energy management systems manufacturer, South Africa lags far behind fellow BRICS countries. BRICS Countries includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. China, for example has 188,232 megawatts of wind power capacity and 106,921 megawatts of solar energy capacity, while South Africa has just 2,094 megawatts of wind and 1,450 megawatts of solar capacity. Read more


India’s cities named the world’s most polluted: India’s capital city of New Delhi, choked by rising automobile emissions and construction […]

#Health: National AIDS Impact Survey to Kick-Off in Nigeria

According to Dr Sani Aliyu, Director-General, National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), come June, 2018, the largest national […]

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