#FactFriday-5 Tips on Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Most socially responsible companies give back to the society some part, either as services or as money so as to help in the development and progress of the society in general. They donate some of their profits earned from sales and services and give in charity to help a good cause.
  • The practices employed by CSR practicing companies ensure good practices, keeping in mind the well being and safety of different individuals.
  • A socially responsible company tends to be more sustainable in its use of resources and tries to minimize the use of resources by moving towards environmentally friendly techniques and towards greener ways of operations so that people are never affected in any way and progress is made for a safer and healthier future. These companies ensure minimum power consumption and avoid any sort of wastage.
  • Socially responsible companies are also considerate of their employees and ensure their monetary and social wellbeing.
  • These companies are also eager to provide more opportunities to people in the vicinity and others in general.


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