5 ‘Trump’ Cards for #SustainableBusiness?

Ever controversial, it cannot be denied that the coverage of the Trump administration’s roll-back, or attempted roll-back, of social and environmental regulations is well captured and may have some advantages.

Here are five ways, Tobias Webb, Founder, Innovation Forum is of the opinion President Trump might be doing us all a backhanded favour:

  1. CEO’s and organizations have had to take a stand on otherwise ‘controversial’ issues.

Many have done so. Even solidly conservative-minded companies are doing things such as having employees blog on the value of free trade and global markets, something we wouldn’t have seen until recently.


  1. Regardless of the United State’s stand, responsible companies won’t want to drop their standards. More firms will come to value the need to be ahead of regulation, and benefit from the advantages that offers. This applies to climate change, water, chemicals use, deforestation, human rights and many other areas.


  1. Certain issues such as the US’s stand on Climate Change has further increased awareness of its importance thereby driving action by all stakeholders.


  1. Trump’s lack of interest in substantive foreign policy means other countries may feel obliged or empowered to step up their work around a transition to a sustainable future.


  1. The clear conflicts of interest in the Trump administration and links of many of his contacts to serious crimes have hugely raised awareness of global best practices.

In short, Trump just may be the strangest catalyst to fast-track Sustainability in all spheres of the economy and globally.

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