ACBF reiterates its support on AfCoP-MfDR in Africa

On behalf of Prof. Emmanuel Nnadozie, Executive Secretary of Africa Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), Dr. Thomas Munthali, Director of Knowledge and Learning Department, reaffirmed the foundation’s support to African Community of Practice (AfCoP) especially in ensuring that the transition to a stand-alone institution is smoothly done and strong foundations are put in place.

During the Eighth Annual Meeting of the African Community of Practice on Managing for Development Results (AfCoP-MfDR), the attendants of the meeting went over the progress made so far on AfCoP in terms of knowledge sharing towards capacity development in Africa.

From 2012 to 2016, 50 online discussions were organized around key development topics to facilitate knowledge exchange and promote learning among participants. On the other hand, more than 150 knowledge products including case studies, knowledge briefs and guides and tools were produced and disseminated to display MfDR good practices on the continent. Today, universities, governments, civil society organizations and private sector are actively utilizing AfCoP knowledge products.

The key outcomes included the establishment of a legal and strategic framework. A draft Constitution has been adopted to support the transition of AfCoP to a stand-alone fully fledged institution. A strategic framework has also been agreed upon that will support the development of a Strategic plan.

Furthermore, new members of the AfCoP Executive Committee were elected. The new members are: Lamine N’Dongo (President), Richard Ssewakiryanga, (Vice-President) and Nigest Haile (Treasurer). This Executive Committee will be joined by representatives from AfCoP countries, Regional Economic Communities and thematic groups to form the AfCoP Council.


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