Africa-Europe Partnership Launched To Develop New AIDS Vaccine

A new partnership has been formed between European and African researchers to develop an AIDS vaccine that can be used to prevent infection with different strains of HIV worldwide.
The Globally Relevant AIDS Vaccine Europe-Africa Trials Partnership (GREAT) will evaluate a new vaccine that triggers the body to produce specialised immune cells called T-cells, which will be trialled at four sites in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.
GREAT is a collaboration between Oxford University, Imperial College London, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), the Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative – Institute for Clinical Research (KAVI-ICR), The Kenya Medical Research Institute – Welcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP), the Medical Research Council at the Uganda Virus Research Institute (MRC/UVRI), UVRI-IAVI and the Zambia Emory HIV Research Program (ZEHRP). The partnership is led by Professor Tomáš Hanke of the Jenner Institute at University of Oxford.
The project is supported by the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP).
The GREAT project is financially supported through a 7.1m Euro grant from the EDCTP and co-funding from IAVI and Oxford University.
The tHIVconsvX vaccine will be evaluated in a trial, engaging communities that face some of the highest risks of HIV infection in the world. The project builds on extensive research expertise and infrastructure, as well as successful community engagement programmes being carried out by all of the African partners. In parallel to conducting the trial, the project will support a range of capacity building projects at the African research centres aimed at preparing them to participate in future large-scale vaccine efficacy trials.

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