Africa Renewable Energy Initiative

Publisher: AREI Brochure

Date of Publication: 2016

Worldwide embrace of the need for clean energy is increasingly becoming popular and Africa is not left out. This 4-page report exposes the activities of the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI). AREI is an initiative that is aimed at enabling the installation of large-scale renewable energy capacity on the African continent by 2020. This would have a considerable impact on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on the continent. This union has also been endorsed by the African union. The initiative so far has been working tenaciously in the realization of her set goals to achieve sustainability in the Universal use of clean, appropriate and affordable energy.

Invariably, the African Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) is implementing its policies based on plans made in phases to meet the needs of the universe in the sustenance of renewable energy till 2030. These implementation phases have been planned to run successfully from 2017 to 2030, in line with the SDGs. There are therefore continuous project identifications, assessments and revisions for further scaling up to at least 300 GW and additional generation capacity of Renewable energy.

The Africa Renewable Energy Initiative thus aims to subsequently help achieve sustainable development, enhanced well-being, and sound economic development by ensuring universal access to sufficient amounts of clean, appropriate and affordable energy. It will also help African countries advance towards renewable energy systems that support their low-carbon development strategies while enhancing economic and energy security.

The initiative though laudable however, need to note that for the African Renewable Energy Initiative to achieve the feasibly set plans for a sustainable renewable energy, energy policies should be put in place; investment processes should be improved on and necessary renewable technologies should also be accessed properly and put in place, for transformational and sustainable change to take its due place by 2017 and years to come.

The report, concise and clear, is an introduction to the activities of the AREI towards achieving clean energy in Africa, which Africans need to be aware of.

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