Africa’s Future depends on its Scientists

From urbanisation to agriculture, climate change to pandemics, Africa needs science, technology and innovation (STI) to secure a prosperous and sustainable future. The continent must urgently reverse the brain drain of its talented researchers and ramp up its education and expertise, so that Africa’s problems can be solved by Africa’s people.
There is a need to transform the leadership, governance and funding of African research, so that the leaders of African nations can take ownership and set research agendas, for researchers to work equitably with global partners.
Crucial to this will be greater investments to make greater impact on the nexus of health, food, water and climate change, and to produce a cadre of leaders with the interdisciplinary skills needed to meet these challenges. This means that Africa must keep hold of its expertise.
Fortunately, the tide is turning. Countries around Africa are beginning to make effort towards the development of skills in Science and Technology.
The African Union’s (AU) implementation of the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa 2024 demonstrates governments’ support for science. The AU has created a Presidential Committee on Science and Technology, of which President Gurib-Fakim is a member.
Africa’s destiny is in the hands of its scientists, but they must have more resources and support to succeed. We will identify opportunities and build a road map and business plan to make the case for investment, ready for launch in 2018.

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