Apple to Sell Renewable Electricity


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has recently approved Apple’s application to sell their surplus renewable electricity at market rates in the US.

With 93% of Apple’s global facilities running on renewable energy, the company will soon begin to sell electricity generated from solar panels and farms, hydrogen fuel cells and biogas facilities located across the company’s facilities.

Also, Apple’s new energy branch, Apple Energy LLC, will sell-off excess electricity as part of a trade system to purchase “net-metred” energy during days where onsite solar generation is low.

According to the FERC filing, Apple holds positions in a number of solar properties including a 20 MW solar farm in Nevada, a 50 MW solar facility under construction in Arizona, two generating plants totalling 18 MW on its California campus, a long-term firm power purchase agreement with First Solar for 130 MW from a California solar farm under construction, and 67.5 MW of facilities in North Carolina.

By being approved to sell electricity, the company will be able to reduce the rate of excess demand over supply in the power/energy sector today, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries.

Apple has followed the lead of other large corporations such as Google, who was granted market-based rate authority back in February 2010. In 23 countries, including the United States and China, Apple runs entirely on power generated from the sun, wind or water.

Apple’s continuous drive to support the cause for renewable energy has seen it top a list of more than 150 companies to receive the first ‘A+ grade’ from a sustainability analysis group.


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