AT&T pledges to hire 10,000 more veterans by 2020

At the White House Joining Forces event, AT&T, an American multinational telecommunications corporation, has pledged its commitment to hire and train 10,000 more veterans to the already existing 10,000 to make a total of 20,000 veterans. AT&T and fifty (50) other companies committed to collectively hire a minimum of 100,000 veterans and military spouses.

The initial commitment of AT&T to hire 10,000 veterans within five years in 2013 was met well ahead of time as these 10,000 veterans were hired by AT&T within two years. This time, AT&T has again made the same commitment to be achieved by 2020.

Having hired these veterans, AT&T ensures they have the skills needed to grow their career and succeed as employees in the changing technology landscape. The AT&T veterans’ employee resource group serves more than 9,000 members and creates a community for veterans including mentoring and helping other veterans in their transition process.

AT&T Mississippi President Mayo Flynt said that the organization has learned over time that bringing veterans into our workforce is a win-win. He also said that the company benefits tremendously from the skills, character and leadership experience that veterans bring to jobs across the state. He also pointed out that it has been an honour to hire veterans who are as excited as they are about the future of technology.


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