#Award: Kiira Motors earns Innovation Leadership Award

Uganda’s Kiira Motors (KMC) which unveiled ‘Africa’s first solar bus’ earlier this year, has been recognized and awarded by Frost & Sullivan’s for the company’s innovative and continually expanding product line portfolio.

Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards recognize companies throughout a range of regional and global markets for superior leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development.

The aim of the award is to help drive innovation, excellence and a positive change in the global economy by recognizing best-in-class products, companies and individuals, of which Kiira Motors is now a beneficiary.

KMC grew out of a project at Uganda’s Makerere University, it is a Presidential Initiative for Automotive Manufacturing in Uganda.

The Kiira Vehicle Technology Innovation Program has produced three concept vehicles so far: the “Kiira EV, 2011”, a two seater electric car, the “Kiira EV SMACK, 2014”, a five-seater sedan- a hybrid electric vehicle and the “Kayoola Solar Bus, 2016” a Battery Electric Vehicle with a Real-Time Solar Charging System for range extension.

KMC’s product range has tapped into opportunities provided by Uganda’s funding for renewable energy projects and rapid urbanization to produce environment- friendly vehicles in Uganda.

It’s solar-powered bus is an example of the way in which the renewable energy mega trend can be leveraged to resolve the needs of today by using the infrastructure of tomorrow.

Kiira Motors’ long-term goal is to position Uganda as an economic force by using the automotive industry as a catalyst for industrial development.


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