BMS Foundation to Improve Access to Healthcare

In celebration of the National Minority Health Month in the United States, the theme “Accelerating Health Equity for the Nation” has been chosen for the year.  The goal of the celebration is to draw attention to the neglect of the health of racial and ethnic minorities and also to ensure that groups are mobilized to partner with the government in order to attain health equity.

In order to achieve this, the Bristol Meyers Squibb Foundation (BMS Foundation) gives special attention to people or groups of people who have encountered obstacles in access to healthcare due to socio-economic, historical or contemporary disadvantage.

Over the years, Foundation grants have zeroed in on some of the health problems more prevalent among certain populations. Generally, programs supported by the foundation are finding potent ways to attain health equity and improve health situations of the minorities.

For many programs, part of the solution has been found by tapping into the social and cultural strengths of the community.


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