Brazil to Ratify Paris Climate Agreement


This past week saw many countries such as Germany and Saudi Arabia, taking a step towards ratifying the Paris Agreement.

Brazil is not left out; Brazilian lawmakers unanimously approved the ratification of the Paris climate deal recently, paving the way for the country to formally join the UN pact in 2016. Though the vote has been passed, it will be assessed by the Senate before being passed to the President, who has the power to sign it into domestic law.

“We consider that this agreement serves the national interest and vote for approval,” said Pedro Vilela, a politician in the Social Democrat party.

Brazil is responsible for around 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and the news will boost hopes that the Paris climate deal could come into force by the end of the year. The country which is hosting the Olympic games this year, has also made other moves to reduce emissions; It recently introduced a food waste initiative labelled: “Reffetto-Rio,” in the bid to tackle food waste.

While countries have been commended in their efforts in ratifying the Paris Agreement, except 55 countries which cover 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions file their documents with the UN by the end of the year, the ‘Paris Era’ cannot be achieved nor its goals.

The world’s top two carbon polluters – the US and China – have also indicated they will formally join in the coming months. Saudi Arabia also aims to ratify before the end of the year.


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