British Oil Threatens to Pull out of the EU

A letter obtained by The Guardian reveals that Oil giant, British Petroleum Plc. (BP), warned that the industry would pull out of the European Union (EU), if laws to cut pollution and speed clean energy take up, were passed.

Last year the EU’s environment department moved to limit the coal lobby’s influence on pollution standards, after revelations by the Guardian and Greenpeace about the scale of industry involvement.

In the 10-page letter, the company predicted in 2013 that a mass industry flight would result if laws to regulate tar sands, cut power plant pollution and accelerate the uptake of renewable energy were passed, because of the extra costs and red tape they allegedly entailed.

BP said any clampdown would cost the industry many billions of euros and so pollution curbs “should also be carefully accessed with close co-operation with the industrial sectors”

The commission had previously allowed hundreds of energy industry lobbyists to aggressively push for weaker pollution limits as part of the official negotiating teams of EU member states.

The missive to the EU’s energy commissioner, Günther Oettinger, was dated 9 August 2013, partly hand-written, and signed by a senior BP representative whose name has been redacted.





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