British Retail Consortium launch its ‘Better Retail Better World’ strategy


Recently, the British Retail Consortium announced the launch of the ‘Better Retail, Better World’ initiative. Over 25 renowned European retail brands, including Debenhams, Ikea, M&S have signed the ‘Better Retail Better World’ (BRBW) pledges. This initiative highlights some of the important work done in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability. Coming together on a common sustainability vision highlights their shared vision which makes them stronger and adds credibility to their commitment. Retail is one of the first industries to take collective action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and waste.

The collaborative platform links directly with the SDGs (sustainable development goals), as the goals in the BRBW initiative address five of the seventeen SDGs. Working together through a collaborative approach is important as it reinforces the essence of the SDGs which is to bring business, civil society and government together in order to realize a positive change in the world.

This initiative is an example of stakeholders taking the lead in setting the record straight on sustainability. The initiative and the group are based in Belgium, Europe.

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