Caffè Nero to Convert Coffee Beans to Biofuel

First mile, an award winning recycling company and Caffè Nero have successfully come up with a plan to recycle coffee grounds, into biomass fuel for boilers and wood burners.

The recycling idea was first framed between Caffè Nero and First Mile at the end of 2015 and was introduced in July 2016. A Coffee Ground Sack is produced by First Mile where used coffee grounds are kept Caffè Nero by Caffè Nero. After which First Mile collects these sacks each night in its specialist vehicle. The plan would be carried out in all 122 Caffè Nero stores in London.

Award-winning clean technology company which converts used beans into biofuels, bio-bean, will be supervising the conversion of coffee to bio mass pellets and the refining of the oils. One tonne of waste coffee grounds creates 245 liters of Biodiesel, with a capacity of filling up to four cars. By July 2017, the project would be a year old and according to Caffè Nero, 218 tonnes of used coffee grounds would have been recycled into 98 tonnes of biomass pellets, with a capacity of heating 453 homes in London.

“We are always looking at ways to improve our recycling so we are very excited to be working with First Mile and Bio-bean on this initiative and will seek to extend it beyond Greater London,” Matt Spencer, commercial director at Caffè Nero, said in a statement. “We are committed to doing our bit to help address the recycling issues we all face today.”

Joe Allen, Chief Commercial Officer of First Mile said, “This service marks another step in our ambition to create a world where you can recycle everything. Waste coffee grounds would previously go to incineration or landfill, and it is fantastic to see Caffè Nero embrace this new initiative and start recycling a significant amount of waste coffee. We look forward to supporting a wider roll-out and working with Caffè Nero on other recycling challenges”.


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