Call for Proposals: Off- Grid Energy Challenge Phase 2

The United States Africa Development Foundation (USADF) calls for proposals for the power Africa challenge.

Power Africa is an initiative launched in 2013 by the US government, African governments, bilateral and multilateral development partners, and the private sector to double access to electricity in sub- Saharan Africa.

Power Africa has two main targets:
To increase installed power capacity by 30,000 MW
To create 60 million new connections to double access

The challenge is open to African energy entrepreneurs in Ethiopia and Kenya. The project proposals have also been split into the following categories:
Productive Use
Mini/Micro grids
Products/home systems

The challenge awards grants up to $100,000 each to African companies and organizations providing off-grid solutions that deploy renewable resources and power local economic activities.

Furthermore, challenge winners will have near-term solutions to power the needs of productive and commercial activities, including agriculture production and processing, off-farm businesses, and commercial enterprises.

To apply, all applicants are required to use the linked proposal template on the website and the completed proposal template along with the required documentation should be submitted by email on or before June 8, 2016 to the following email address for Ethiopia or Kenya:
For inquiries:

For more information, here


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