Sustainable Development Agenda: Can Nigeria meet up?

Nigeria is challenged on multiple fronts on its path to sustainable development. But, despite those challenges, it is possible for us to transform her trajectory to become a beacon of hope and greatness on the African continent and beyond.

The United Nation’s in 2000 adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in an unprecedented effort to fight extreme poverty in a comprehensive manner. The MDGs set out goals that covered income poverty, hunger, primary education and lots more. The MDGs worked to a large extent and by the end of 2015 in Nigeria, the number of people living in extreme poverty had declined by more than half, primary school enrollment had increased and children out of school had reduced by half. More girls were in school and more women in paid employment, significantly reducing gender inequality.

The United Nations oversaw another global treaty and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were set and has to be met by 2030. Currently Nigeria has been behind in each one of this goal including eradicating poverty, achieving zero hunger, providing quality health and education, to mention but a few.

The Former minister of Health for State of the country in a keynote address suggested that Nigeria builds institutional capacity, focus on human capital development, harness the potential of Nigerians in diaspora and increase civic engagement.

Do you think Nigeria can meet up with development before 2030 ?




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