Canadian Prime Minister to Introduce Carbon Price

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is set to introduce a new national carbon price to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve climate targets.

The Prime Minister had been unsuccessful at the beginning of the year to set the national carbon price, and he had instead promised to report back after having looked at a reduction plan including “carbon pricing mechanisms”.

Carbon pricing, which covers a tax or cap-and-trade system, is not supported by all provinces across the country as it had faced opposition from certain quarters threatening to take legal action, saying the measure would be an economic barrier.

Consequently, a suggestion was made by Trudeau and the Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna that the federal government could set the price if the provinces cannot agree on one.

Trudeau said: “We’re going to be making sure that there is a strong price on carbon right across the country, and we’re hoping the provinces are going to be able to do that in a way for themselves.”

Yesterday, in Whitehorse, Yukon, the official meeting of Canada’s premiers started on the discussions of, notably, reducing trade barriers, climate-change measures and health-care transfers. Here, the Prime minister declared the country is going to work at reducing emissions in a responsible way and working with the provinces to figure out the way that works best for them.

Last week, the Environment Minister declared that there would be a carbon price by the autumn.


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