Carbon Reduction: The way forward for Environmental Preservation.

Aldi (Uk and Ireland branch )sees reducing fuel consumption in transport as a key component in hitting zero emissions across its operations. To do this it is deploying lighter vehicles with “more fuel-efficient tyres and improved aerodynamics”,

Since 2012 it has managed to reduce its emissions by 53 percent per metre square of sales floor. This has been led by new investments in energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy.

388 solar panels have been installed across its stores and £20 million invested in upgrading its refrigeration system to reduce energy consumption. 100 percent of its electricity is now accredited as coming from renewable sources

It has set out plans to go carbon neutral by 2019 by announcing the plan to hit net-zero emissions by building on its already impressive attempts to tackle carbon footprint.

To achieve its goal of carbon neutrality the company will work with ClimatePartner to offset its remaining emissions. This will include supporting forestry projects in Peru, water purification in India, and clean cooking stoves in China.

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