China Holds Solar Energy Training for Tropical Countries

China has organized a solar energy training course for developing countries in tropical and subtropical regions, which will be sponsored by China’s Ministry of Commerce and run by Gansu Natural Energy Research Institute.

Twenty people from eight countries and regions, including Ghana, Rwanda, Nepal and Kenya, began the course, which started Friday in Lanzhou, capital of Northwest China’s Gansu province. The training will focus on the technology of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar water heaters, solar building and solar desalination.

According to An Xingcai, deputy director of the institute, the 28-day course will include lectures, technical exchanges, economic and trade talks and on-site practice.

Nana Sarfo Agyemang, an official with the Ministry of Power of Ghana, said tropical areas have abundant solar energy potential, and China will help these areas make better use of the energy with its advanced renewable energy technology.

“With China being one of the leaders in renewable energies, we find it most beneficial to learn from her experiences,” said Marcellin Mupenzi, a senior executive of an energy development company in Rwanda.

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