China Unleashes Warfare Tactics on Soil Pollution

In a bid to effectively reduce soil pollution by 2020 and improve soil quality by 2030, China has unveiled a new action plan on Tuesday.

China’s central government proposes to generate a dedicated fund to tackle soil pollution, vis a vis a separate fund to upgrade technology and equipment in the heavy metal sector, according to a statement from the cabinet.

The strategy also shows possibilities of strengthening soil pollution monitoring systems and developing innovative new clean-up technologies.

Earlier this year, the country published its latest five-year plan and said China would give priority to cleaning up contaminated soil used in agriculture. The Chinese environment minister also stated that last year, 16% of the country’s soil surpassed state pollution limits.

Researchers with Guohai Securities say there are 100 crucial soil remediation projects in progress now in China, with an estimated total cost of 500 billion yuan.

The bulk of responsibility for the costs now lies with impoverished local governments.


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