Climate Change Centre to Open in Nepal


The government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal has formed a four-member committee to conduct a detailed study on the need for a climate change centre.

At a meeting held at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers last week, the government decided to form the committee which will come up with a report detailing the objective, work area and organisational structure of the proposed climate change centre within a month. The meeting, presided over by Chief Secretary Som Lal Subedi, was attended by authorities from various concerned ministries.

The government’s decision to set up a climate change centre is as a result of the growing issues of climate change and global warming and its impact on various sectors, affecting the lives of millions of people. According to Bhiswanath Oli, Secretary at the Ministry of Population and Environment, establishment of such a centre is vital for Nepal to work on climate change issues, formulate and implement national and international policies and programmes focused on climate change, conduct research to highlight climate change impact and adopt adequate mitigation measures to help the vulnerable communities.


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