Geoengineering (also known as Climate Engineering), a large scale manipulation of the earth’s climate so as to reduce the effects of climate change, is a climate change action strategy Southern African countries could be considering soon.

Consider the idea of having a giant sunshade over southern Africa during the recent heatwave, it would have been wonderful. It could have saved lives, there would have been less evaporation from dams, reducing the impact of the current drought, and crops and livestock would have fared better.

The option of geoengineering has been on low key, because scientists  fear that any effort to moderate the impact of additional C02 in the atmosphere will reduce the pressure for action on the cause of climate change itself, though it has already been shown to be an option for Califonia,

Nevertheless, Africa must look hard at uncomfortable options or face being left behind by other countries with fewer scruples. Specifically, it is important to consider how regional geoengineering initiatives could help to protect southern Africa from some of the more damaging impacts of climate change.

Credit: Mike Muller



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