#Climate Change: Nations Agree to Cut Back on Greenhouse Gases

Approximately 200 nations of the Montreal protocol have agreed on a deal last Saturday (15/10/2016), to lessen the emission of greenhouse gases and hydroflurocarbons (HFCs) used in refrigerators and air conditioners by year 2030. Several prestigious leaders were also in attendance, including US Secretary of state John Kerry. The deal was struck at a summit in Kigali Rwanda.
This ground breaking deal could prevent up to 0.5 degrees of HFCs which is currently the world’s fastest growing greenhouse gas.
The countries have been divided into three groups, and have also been given different deadlines to stop their emissions. Developed nations, with Europe and the United States of America being in charge, will start with a 10% reduction by 2019, then getting to 85% by 2036.
Developed countries will start to reduce their HFC emissions by 2019, while developing countries have been given more time to reduce. Developing countries would also be assisted with fund support from developed countries. The funds needed to reduce HFC and for research will be decided next year, says the UN agency.
According to scientific findings, HFC gases are a thousand times more harmful than carbon dioxide, and if extreme measures are not taken on time to reduce temp rise, the world will continue to experience more severe weather events like hurricanes and heavy rain falls.
“We replaced the ozone depleting substances, but we came to understand the hard way that HFCs may be safe for the ozone layer, but they are disastrous for our climate, in many cases thousands of times more damaging than carbon dioxide,” says John Kerry .

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