Coca-Cola Launches Investment Plan for Sustainable Food Production


Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has launched a £56-million operational investment plan for operations in Great Britain. The investment plan was launched as a result of a white paper on sustainable food manufacture by Cranfield University.

The research titled ‘Sustainable Manufacturing for the Future’ borders on the pathways for sustainability in the UK’s food and drink industry. From the findings of three M.Sc. students from Cranfield, transparency with the flow of ingredients and materials throughout its conversion span and using local resource is headway to sustainable manufacturing.

The major themes considered in the achievement of sustainable food production were people, big data, technology, collaboration, value and resilience.

The white paper also charted five ways to achieving sustainable food production in 2050 – anticipating the future, providing nutrition, sharing the benefits, inspiring the next generation and joining forces. It also points out the role of technology in process monitoring.

The report recommends a free flow of information from producers to customers while emphasizing on delivering nutrition.


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