CODE Wins the 9th Annual ONE Africa Award!

Connected Development (CODE), a Nigerian based advocacy organization, has been announced the winner of the 9th annual $100,000 ONE Africa Award!

Organized by ONE, a campaigning and advocacy organization of nearly eight million people around the world, the 2016 ONE Africa Award recognizes Africa-led advocacy efforts that have demonstrated success at community, national or regional level. It also aims to distinguish, reward, and advance the exceptional work of organizations founded by Africans and based in Africa, dedicated to helping Africa achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Furthermore, the $100,000 award aims to raise awareness on innovative African efforts to fight poverty and encourage more of such efforts within the region.
CODE has been distinguished for this award by proving that they can effectively wield their expertise to empower local communities to claim funds that have been appropriated to them. Through these activities, CODE has contributed to reducing poverty in target communities by boosting citizen participation in governance and have also been successful in achieving wins in the fight against corruption in Nigeria.

Some of the campaigns which gave CODE the winning streak are:
• Follow the Money (FTM) campaign which aims to promote transparency, accountability and citizen engagement by monitoring and tracking aid and governmental implementation of capital funds intended for local communities in three basic thematic areas: health, education and environment.
• Disaster & Emergency Response: CODE uses innovative technologies to provide early warnings to vulnerable communities during emergency response situations. We also engage communities in community participatory mapping and in other disaster risk response mechanisms.
• Human Rights & Conflict: develop participatory tools such as Uzabe, the Nigeria oil spill map, and promote policy-relevant research and peace building events aimed at developing a greater knowledge base about the relationship between human rights and conflict, thus encouraging the participation of marginalized communities in democracy and governance, rather than in conflicts.

In its work and advocacy campaign, CODE is keen on community engagement and has leveraged on the Freedom of Information Act has been a key tool to the benefit of citizens.
Click to find out more about CODE and their incredible work!

Congrats CODE!



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