Coke, Pepsi Make New Alliances to Deliver Access to Water 

Currently, 663 million people lack access to safe drinking water, and by 2025, half the world’s population could be living in water-stressed areas. 

In the bid to tackle this, The Coca-Cola Company is partnering with Subway and World Vision to deliver sustainable access to clean drinking water in Kenya. PepsiCo has also renewed its partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank, which will include collaboration on delivering equitable access to safe, affordable water in rural communities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Through the “Fresh Water 4 All” donation program, Subway will donate 30 cents from every bottle of Dasani (still or sparkling) sold at 2,500 select U.S. stores in July and August, up to a maximum donation of $125,000. The proceeds will then be used by World Vision for a “sustainable, community-owned water system” in Kenya, where EKOCENTER is currently active with its kiosks that act as a cross between a community centre and general store.

As stated in its press release, Coca-Cola said that in addition to creating shared value for all project stakeholders, the initiative allows customers to positively impact society simply through buying a bottle of Dasani. 

The company also stated that World Vision is the “perfect partner” to deliver water solutions that offer community ownership and a high degree of customization to local needs, aspects of sustainable development that Coca-Cola has learned about through EKOCENTER and other initiatives. 

According to said Karen Sendelback, the senior director of partner engagement at World Vision, “World Vision understands that poverty is complex, and addressing overwhelming needs such as a global water crisis must be done in partnership.” 

Meanwhile, via its expanded partnership with IADB, PepsiCo seeks to develop activities in the areas of access to water and nourishing solutions, efficiency in agriculture, and social innovation. It will start off with “From Source to Home,” a program focused on water and sanitation, where a $5 million grant from the PepsiCo Foundation will work to improve the lives of approximately 850,000 people by 2025. To do so, the partners will collaborate on two main objectives:

Achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable water for people living in rural and disperse communities, focusing on benefitting women and girls

Launch a regional centre for applied water resources management through the Hydro-BID program, to reduce the number of people suffering from water scarcity and advance climate change adaptation efforts.

The safe water system World Vision is designed to continue to benefit the community in the long-term.

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