D-Prize Challenge 2019/2020 Prize for Social Entrepreneurs to fight Poverty ($USD 20,000)

D-Prize expands access to poverty-alleviation interventions in the developing world. They are involved in programs that produce new “distribution entrepreneurs” – social entrepreneurs who start new ventures that distribute proven life-enhancing technologies to millions of people living in extreme poverty.

The world has already invented ways to end poverty, yet the best interventions are not being distributed at mass-scale. Can you design a business or NGO that solves the Distribution Challenges? If selected, you will be awarded a sum of $20,000 to launch a pilot in any region where extreme poverty exists.

D-Prize is open to any business model (for profit, non-profit, and everything in between). The sole restriction is that individuals and their immediate family on the judging panel may not participate as a contestant. The award is offered in the form of a convertible grant. Up to 25 of the most promising proposals will be selected for funding awards.

To apply visit Here

Application Deadline: May 12th, 2019 at midnight PT (pacific time).

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