Delhi Bans Disposable Plastics.

India being one of the world’s biggest plastic polluters has finally passed a law to ban the use of all disposable plastics in Delhi. The National Green Tribune (NGT) in December 2016, voted for the prohibition of disposable plastics throughout the capital city, Delhi. The law took effect as of January 1st 2017.

The decision on placing a ban applies to all forms of disposable plastic including plastic cups, cutleries, nylons etc. Although the law was passed in an effort to make the environment better, not all citizens are happy with the new change. Fruit and vegetable vendors are not pleased, as their customers would be forced to go elsewhere since the vendors can’t provide bags to go along with the fruits and vegetables being bought, while others are displeased as they were not given enough time to adjust to the new law.

The main dumping sites of the capital city; Okhla, Gazipur and Bhalswa are a “depiction of mess that can be created for environmental and health of people of Delhi” says Swataner Kumar, Chairperson of the NGT and the ban was projected to reduce the plastic wastes going into these dumping sites as these sites operate as waste to energy plants which produce electricity by burning the wastes, thereby causing air pollution. The plants will be charged US $7,300 for every pollution experienced. Vegetable and fruit vendors would not also be spared as they would be fined US $147 for throwing garbage into the street.

This is a major step for India as it would project her to greater heights and set her as a form of example other countries can emulate.


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