Device Turns Air Pollution into Printing Ink


An MIT spinoff company in India is proposing a novel solution to air pollution problems in Asia — turning vehicle exhaust into ink.

It involves attaching a device, called a Kaalink, to the business end of a standard automobile exhaust pipe. The Kaalink filters and captures unburned carbon emitted by incomplete engine combustion. According to tests at Graviky Labs, the Kaalink device can capture up to 93 percent of the emitted pollution from standard internal combustion engines. It takes about 45 minutes of exhaust filtering to produce an ounce of ink.

Now, Kaalink devices have to be installed by drivers individually and manually. When the collection apparatus is full, the device can be traded in at Graviky Labs facility in India. Each unit typically collects carbon for about two weeks of city driving before it needs to be swapped out.

To be effective, the system needs to scale up significantly, and supported by more processing facilities in more areas. The company’s new Kickstarter campaign, launched today, is structured to provide funds for a gradual rollout and expansion of the technology.

The company hopes to radically expand the system, and not just for vehicles, either. Variations on the Kaalink device could potentially be attached to chimneys, smoke stacks and other industrial exhaust systems.


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