Ecovadis Conference tackles Organizational Practices

Ecovadis held its annual conference in Paris, during which it provided content to its customers and staff. The content provided ranged from broader issues to specifics on the use of the global supply chain to effect necessary environmental, ethical and social practices.

During the conference, multinationals, especially brands in China were called upon to work on the issues bordering ethics, environment and social practices. It was also mentioned that special focus is placed on particular brands. During the conference’s break-out session, a researcher in the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE), Ma Yingying, said that the motivation for change among the Chinese is pressure from customers to do better.

Andrew Winston said during the conference that his hope is to be able to provide necessary information for organizations to make the needed changes. Rosey Hurst, CEO of Impactt, said that when it comes to transparency in the supply chain, organizations are scared of risks. She went further to describe the pitiable conditions of many workers today, Ecovadis’ emphasis on labour alongside other ethical and environmental concerns was clear, strongly differentiating it from climate-centric reporting mechanisms.

Ecovadis scorecard overtime has been proven as a key mechanism to improve supplier performance.


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